Muddy Hole

Muddy hole is a resettled fishing community located west of the northern entrance to Hermitage Bay between Richard’s Harbour and McCallum. It was known as Little Harbour until the 1800's.

In 1836 only 20 people lived there and family names included Fudge, McDonald and Simms.

This settlement was situated around a small harbour with a muddy hole. People lived there because the harbour had excellent protection for small boats and because of its closeness to excellent fishing grounds all year. The species they fished were cod, salmon, herring and later lobster.

People from Muddy Hole got their supplies from trading vessels run by firms from communities such as Harbour Breton and Jersey Harbour or from American and French boats in exchange for bait.

By 1951 the population had grown to 123 . The religion practiced was of the Church of England.

The school named Mary Magdelene and the church was built by 1901 and was still being used in the 1930's and 1940's. However, people started leaving Muddy Hole in the late 1950's because of the isolation and lack of facilities such as doctors.

In the 1960's the government started resettling the people of Muddy Hole to places such as Harbour Breton, Gaultois, and Ramea. Everyone was resettled by the summer of 1965 .

The main last names in Muddy Hole were Simms and Herrit.

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